Error colour and body colour can clash in universal login

Feature: When selecting a colour for the UL the error colour and the body colour have to be complimentary otherwise these can clash when you have a block error.

Description: When customising the universal login the body colour normally appears on top of the background colour, which allows for the complimentary colours to be chosen, however there is an instance when the error colour can be used as a background when displaying block errors which means that the error colour must also be complimentary as there is no way to differentiate between these situations. This can limit the choices when branding the universal login.

Use-case: Set body colour to #001e62, set the error colour to #c8102e, set the background colour to #ebe8e5.
Generate a block error on the universal login, and the error clashes.
The error text looks fine for the validation text below the box, and the body text looks fine for the rest of the UL but in the case of the block error it is not possible to differentiate the colour scheme.

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Has anything on this been progressed? Is there anything on your roadmap for this?

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Unfortunately not much progress here as there are other feedback topics that gained way more attention and votes compared to this one so they are being prioritized.

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