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Hi everyone!

Does any one know if there is a way to customize the colors of the flash messages shown in Universal Login? More specifically, I would like to use a different shade of green instead of the existing one for success messages.


From our docs it seems doable. Check this one:

You can customize whole UI as you required. Just go to
universal login
Enable customize toggle and here you can customize the whole page UI.

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Yep exactly, that is correct!

@konrad.sopala @rashid779939 Thanks for your replies. I already customized my login page, but I was asking about the green of the message, see the image: image
I can’t figure out how to change it and did not find any info to help me.
Any ideas?

Thank you!

I need some more informtions. Can you send DM to me. I believe i can help you.

Once you have it figured out guys make sure to share the solution in this thread!

Hi Konrad,

Since I use Classic Universal Login I guess the conclusion is that I will just override .auth0-global-message.auth0-global-message-success and use my color instead. Even though doing this is not recommended.

I alos found this post:

Customization of the Sign Up successful message General

@konrad.sopala First, thank you for your help! I already came across the docs on Lock UI Customization and also already use the suggested rule. To clarify my problem, that’s the text I want to customize. [image] There is nothing available about this in the documentation you mentioned because only customization of the Lock Login/SignUp UI is covered. It would be great if this would also be possible! I tried to customize it with a little hack via css (::after). However that didn’t work.

So apparently there is no other way.

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Yep that is correct if you use Classic version of the Universal Login. If you use the new one I’m not sure if it’s customisable at all as the main intention behind building that was making it more lightweight but by reducing its customisation options.

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