Error! Bad Gateway. Please contact support if the problem persists

When I log into my Auth0 account, I get a bad gateway error when accessing my account. My Dashboard activity and users will not load. I don’t see any server outages, so I’m not sure what to do at this point? Help would be greatly appreciated, since we use this in a production environment for our mobile app.

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Hey @bottlevin!

My sincere apologies for this; we are having an incident and posting updates to the status page: All hands are on deck and we are investigating the cause and working on a fix. User authentication and other Management API endpoints are unaffected, and users should be able to login. Please follow the updates on Status Page.

Thank you Art, a bit worried since I didn’t see our users. Thanks for letting me know there’s an issue on your end.


I know, @bottlevin, and it sucks :frowning:

You could check Logs to see what’s going on. Hope it helps a little

@art.rosnovsky when I check that link I get the same gateway error. :frowning:

My bad. Shouldn’t make it a link. Are you able to navigate to Logs -> Search in the Dashboard?

Yes, that worked. Looks like my account is semi-working. I created a test user and I can’t find it in the user list. I saw another error when I did a refresh, so I’m hoping it just needs more time to be looked at by the team. My user is authenticating through the app, it’s just not showing in the dashboard under users.

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Hey all, we are monitoring service recovery and at this point it should operate normally. Could you please confirm that you’re not seeing any error at this time? Thank you!

@art.rosnovsky Thanks for the follow-up, our account looks like it’s back to normal.

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