Anyone else getting a "Bad Gateway Error" in the Auth0 Admin Panel?

I keep seeing the error message “Bad Gateway Error. If the error persists contact” in the Auth0 Admin Panel.

I am unable to access the data of my users from the Admin Panel.

Earlier ago, the authentication stopped working on my site, stating some unexpected error had happened.

Is anyone else having connectivity issues right now?

Hey there @blo! I wanted to follow up to see if you are still experiencing the issue you stated with the Auth0 Admin Panel? If so, do you see any additional errors in the console when it occurs? What browser are you using when the error occurs? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the reply!

I re-logged in this morning and now the error is gone. My site’s authentication works again, so all is good now.

I was using Firefox. Unfortunately, I did not have the console errors saved.

On my website, I remember the console errors being somewhere the along the lines of the Auth0 Callback endpoint not working with my clientID, even though nothing was changed.


I’m glad to hear that everything is better now. It may have been tied to yesterdays outage as seen here [Major] Elevated errors on logins with Rules and Custom Databases • Auth0 Status Page . Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so you can be alerted in the event of an outage. Have a great day!

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