Error 503 Backend fetch failed gives me a 503, making it impossible for clients to connect. They should also monitor the CDN since everything is up and running according to the status page.

Same issue here.

Same here!

I have same problem

Same here!

Having the same issue also…

Same here…

Same here

same here

Yep, this is the case !!

This is really bad. According to auth0 status all is operational after sevral hours of error. What is the Service Level Agreement? Beginning to look for alternatives for production.

I have switched over to a US account to get my app back online.

Just another ‘same here’…

Same here… No notifications of downtime or any warning. Not acceptable.

It’s back up!

The same for me, I’ve updated my plan to “Developer” for $13/mo and it’s immediately started working. Is it just a coincidence?
No notifications, nothing, it’s not acceptable

Now it is back in business.

But really should be notified at least status monitor page

Is someone from Auth0 team going to respond here?
The issue is resolved, but the fact that you just ignore people in Community page is frustrating.
I understand that problems happen but I want to know:

  1. What exactly happened?
  2. Which steps did you take so it will not happen again?
  3. Are you going to add some kind of notifications for such cases? So I will know that service experiencing problem from you, and not from my customers, that can’t login.

Apologies for the inconvenience - This issue was resolved at 23:02 PDT, Jun 19, 2017:

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