Error 500 trying using dashboard

I tried several pages but same happens. And checking status seems that everything is ok :confused:

I am seeing the same, is there an outage? Applications using Auth0 authentication seem ok however, only the management portal seems to have a problem, ( page.

update: status page now reflects issue:


Apr 11, 11:33 UTC
Investigating - We are currently investigating an incident that impacted our services. Auth0 Dashboard is currently not working. Our team is actively working to understand the root cause and mitigate the issue. We will provide updates as we gather more information

Hi @dariom and @Kush1

I’m sorry you’ve been affected by the recent incident. As @Kush1 replied, our team has identified the issue and is applying the fix to mitigate it. The latest update for that issue can be found here → Auth0 Dashboard currently unavailable • Auth0 Status Page. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi @dariom and @Kush1

The issue has been resolved. I appreciate your patience.


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