Error 400 Bad Request authentication


we have not been able to connect with auth0 since yesterday and even with google
our application is in php and we use the bundle auth0 / auth0-php version 5.0

here is what we have as error

“Error_description”: “{\“ statusCode \ “: 400, \“ error \ “: \“ Bad Request \ “, \“ message \ “: \“ The ‘q’ parameter is available only if you specify 'search_engine = v3 '. \ “, \“ ErrorCode \ “: \“ invalid_query_string \ “}”

we tried it with the google authentication tests on the Auth0 platform, and it shows the same error

if we create a new account it works, but the old ones it is impossible to use them

Can you help us ?

Thank you

Hi @yassine.foudhaili

It looks like your app might be making a request to the user search in the management API using search v2. Can you try updating your code to use search_engine = v3 ?

You can check the migration path from v2 to v3 here:

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