Enable to use Connection Metadata is Email Templates

Feature: Enable to access connection.metadata in the From Address, Subject, and Message fields.

As the doc says, only connection.name can be accessed in Email Templates but we want to use connection.metadata as well.

Use-case: We currently change From address depends on Connection and now we use connection.name and if statement but it hard to maintain.

# current
{% if connection.name == 'con1' %} Company1 {% elsif connection.name == 'con2' %} Company2 {% else %} Default {% endif %} <noreply@example.com>

# ideal
{{ connection.metadata.sender_name }}

Hey there @hayashi-ay thanks for feedback, always appreciated! We monitor these closely for community engagement so let’s hope this gets some votes from other members! I’d recommend going ahead and upvoting it yourself :rocket: :slight_smile: