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Email verified for ad/ldap connections


Hello everyone,
The scenario:
We have setup an ad/ldap connector and a user (with an email).
We were also able to use the test user to attempt to log in.
Everything seem to work ok, except the fact that no verification email was sent. We have it as part of our email workflow to only allow users with verified emails to login successfully.

We have users with auth0 and google-oauth identity providers, and the verification email is sent and the rest of our login workflow is working properly.

The question:
Shouldn’t the ldap user get a verification email automatically?

Thank you in advance


:wave: @vasilis you may need to add to your connector’s profile mapper:

profile['email_verified'] = true; 

to ensure that all users logging in through AD will have verified emails. I believe this would be a safe assumption since it’s normal your AD accounts to be provisioned only for your company’s users. Please let me know if that is the case and if this helps! We can take a look at alternate solutions if this does not work for you.


Thank you Kim for your response.
The AD accounts our controlled by a partner and not by us. So, just setting the email_verified to true beats the purpose. We figured out a different way to do this, so the question that is left to answer is:
Is it me misconfiguring things, is it something missing in our workflow or is it Auth0 that simply does not send out verification emails to an AD user’s email?


I believe it is the case that users with AD/LDAP connections are not to verify their emails on Auth0 side.

If we know for a fact that we can trust the email addresses in our AD/LDAP, we can alternatively create a Rule that makes the user’s email be verified once they log in.

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