Email verification link works but shows error page

Hi Auth0 team,

If a user clicks on the email verification link a second time, it should show that the email is already verified. Right now it shows the error message in the screen shot above and is confusing our users.

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We are also experiencing the same issue with some of our clients: they click on verification link once, email is verified, but they see an error. @nicolas_sabena @konrad.sopala any updates on the bug or any workarounds?
Given that it happens for many developers with different use cases, is it a bug in the Auth0 flow?

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Yes, the same issue!

I am also having this issue when providing new individuals with access. The click the link and get the error message but shows that their email is verified.

@konrad.sopala @stephanie.chamblee when Auth0 sends the email verification message during account creation, the verification link always redirects to the configured redirect url. Auth0 adds “email”, “success”, and “message” query string parameters to the redirect url indicating whether the operation was successful. This is ensures the user is never confronted with the Auth0 error page and enables the application to display custom messaging based on the status.

The issue seems to be occur when you use the “re-send verification email” option in the user “actions” menu. In this case the link behaves differently. It doesn’t redirect back to the application.

Its been a year with this “bug”, does anyone please has an idea if that is going on and how to fix it?

Same here. Our users are totally confused about this generic error message.
This makes the auth0 email verification workflow unusable.

@matt.macadam s this a known issue? Is there a fix on the roadmap for this? We have a lot of confused users. Would greatly appreciate this being prioritized.

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@nicolas_sabena bump as the error is still occurring.