Email + sms in the roadmap

Is there an idea of supporting email+sms passwordless flow (not or/or but email AND sms) in the roadmap of auth0? Our company is highly interested in it, maybe we should speak with sales about that? And also - passkeys for the passwordless flow, is this feature in the roadmap.

Hi @max.shuldiner777 !

It does not cost anything to reach out to our sales team so why not doing so! :slight_smile:
Here is the form: Contact Us - Auth0

In our community, there are two places to check in terms of what if requested by our customers - The feedback section and what’s on Auth0 by Okta roadmap - the Roadmap section.

I found a feedback post that describes (more or less) what you need, please do not forget to give it +1!

Thank you again for answering me. I really appreciate your hard work of being community engineer of Auth0. I can see that roadmap section is pretty much inactive from year to year…I guess it makes sense to make such updates every quartal.

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