Passwordless share natively instead of via email / sms

We are looking to implement a passwordless mechanism in our app.

In the given auth0.js documentation the only option is to use the method webAuth.passwordlessStart to generate and send a link or code to the email of a user.

We would prefer to receive the token as an API response so that we can share it ourselves in the app native share style instead of the predefined email / sms options. Is this something you support or are planning to support in the future?

Hi @m.suarez,

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If I understand you correctly, this is something we already support. We recently released API support for passwordless. Check out this doc:

If this does not cover the flow you are thinking of please provide us with more detail/examples.


Hi @dan.woda, thanks for your answer,

This is not what I meant. We are looking for a way to communicate the link ourselves to the user instead of having auth0 sending an email / sms to them. Currently the API is taking care of both generating the link and sending the email, but it would be great to separate this concerns to allow more flexibility.


Okay, I see what you mean. This is not something that is currently available. If you would like, you can submit a feature request here.


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