Generate passwordless login url without sending SMS/Email?

I want to generate a one-time-use passwordless login URL. I see that Auth0 can generate these as part of SMS and Email messages, but can I generate them independently?

I want to do this because I have a situation where customers log into a non-Auth0 ‘portal’ site, and I want to give these customers one-click access to a separate Auth0 site.

Hey there!

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. Is it what you’re looking for?

What I mean is: I want to use passwordless authentication, but I do not want Auth0 to send the email or SMS for me. I want to generate a magic link, and I want to send this link to the user myself. Is this possible?

Gotchya! I checked our docs on Passwordless API and there’s nothing mentioned about that there:

You can trigger the flow but cannot generate only the link

Is this going to be added? I need this too!