Sending a magic link via text

I’d like to send someone a text that with a link to my site that will log them in. And I’d like the link to expire after a certain amount of time. It seems like this is pretty much the same as the magic link that gets sent via the password less email flow, but I want to do it via text.
I’ve seen some conversation around similar goals on here, but I’m still struggling to figure out my exact use case.
Does anyone know a good way to accomplish this?

Just to be clear I don’t want the user to have to request this link. I want to send it to them based on a server-side trigger.

I’m also looking forward for such feature. AFAIK there isn’t an option to generate such link to include as part of a text that I can send to customers to be authenticated.

If you find any alternative please update as this is the only thing missing for me in auth0 and it’s a crucial one