Enable getting magic link for custom usage

As passwords become more and more redundant, the industry is moving to find alternatives. Such alternative exists today in Auth0 but it is very limited and not in line with other solutions out there (e.g. https://swoopnow.com)

As my business relies on passwordless as its main authentication method, I would like to be able to get a magic link so I can use it when communicating with my customers. Thus, allowing for a more modern login approach

Alternatively, you can also expand the current implementation so we can send magic link also in SMS and whatsapp/telegram/otherIM as this can help move you from the Gartner challengers into the Leaders quadrant IMO

Thanks for submitting your feedback request!

Yes, second this. We are doing this currently, sending out 260k marketing emails in batches with magic links. It has been a very painful process.

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Thanks for sharing that context! Let’s see if there are more people interested in such improvement!