Passwordless improvement feature request

Support passwordless login via email AND phone number OTP

I want to request for the feature to setup SSO to go through both email and sms passwordless logins. This should also support google + sms and such (in case user, instead of email, used google social account), etc. I think there were A LOT of discussions around it before…maybe it makes sense to start working on it. Also we would like to be able to be able (out of the box) set up switch on the Passwordless auth page to switch between email and sms connections.

We are building potentially very big platform and do not want users to use passwords. During the registration process, we want them to verify their phone number and email, because it’s crucial for our app to know all information from user is verified. We can’t implement it using MFA since, during the login, we don’t want the user to verify two things. We want him to use phone number OR email for that. Use case for switching email to phone number on the page - user came to SSO to login, but at this point user thought it’s a good idea to switch a way of login.

Hi @max.shuldiner777,

Thanks for the feature request!