Email image sources based on application.callback_domain inside template

I would like to use the callback domain as base URL for image paths inside the Password Reset email template. This is due to the fact that there are a number of applications on my account, each deployed to a different location and having different logos.
So far, I wasn’t able to access the application.callback_domain property inside the template - even if I make sure that the password reset request is properly initialized with the application ID, using this value inside the template result in an empty string inserted in its place in something like: <img src="{{application.callback_domain}}/my_logo.jpg"…

Is this property accessible inside email templates? If it isn’t is there any suggested workaround (besides going if…else on application.clientID)?


I’m having the same problem and apparently the {{application.callback_domain}} does not work when you use the “Try” feature: Broken redirect users to the first Allowed Callback URL

Were you able to make it work?

For me even sending the email programmatically {{ application.callback_domain }} is empty.

Seems odd that if {{ application.clientId }} is available that {{ application.callback_domain }} (the first value, if more than one is specified) is not - both are metadata at the same level.

The proposed workaround violates the DRY principle, which given Auth0’s developer audience is not the best direction to be taking the customer base in.

Is there a technical limitation lurking beneath?