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Hi All,

I have a web app built and working well with handling signup and login. It is a platform for adopting pets.
So users can browse through the pet profiles and apply for adoption. Now if the user is not registered or hasn’t logged in, then instead of the “Apply” button we have a login/sigup button.
However now after the login/signup then the redirect url is the homepage.
How do I dynamically take you back to the same page where you were - usually the pet where you clicked on the login button.
The url is of the format: https://pets.com/adopt/pets/{pet_id}
example: https://pets.com/adopt/pets/66677271939c

Hi @vivian.lobo

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Thank you for posting your question. I’ve research your topic and I found a Knowledge Solution that should solve your issue → How do I set up a dynamic Allowed Callback URL?

Let me know if this helps you!

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