Can we redirect a user back to a parameterized URL when login with Auth0?

I have a webapp And our customers login through Auth0 (Auth0 is our AuthN system).

We wanted to redirect the users to their nickname path after they successfully login, i.e,{nickname}

For example, if my nickname is chen, then I should be redirected back to

How should we configure the “allowed callback URL” in the Auth0 account?

Hi @sean3,

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In order to handle the callback dynamically, it’s advised to set up a single callback URL that handles the redirect for users.

Here is an FAQ about setting up dynamic callbacks:

In the FAQ above, the app would know before the user logs in where they should be redirected to after login. Since the app would probably not have the nickname before the login, I’d have to do some research to see how this has been handled in the past. To help with that, can you provide more info about your app such as which SDK you’re using? Thanks!

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