Downgrade from enterprise: how are users affected

Hey team,

We are looking into downgrading from the Auth0 enterprise tier since we are not really using the features (yet).

What do we need to keep in mind when doing this? I am aware of the articles in the docs but they are a little bit light on the topic.

One relatively important question is how our users will be affected. I expect that we will need to invalidate all tokens but that their accounts will be retained as is including their passwords. Is that correct? These users are currently associated to organizations.

Hi @johannes.degn,

Thanks for the questions. I’ll reach out to the team and see what I can find out.


One follow up question; are you planning on removing your users from the organizations?

Precisely the opposite actually. We want all users to continue to be able to log in using their existing username and password.

Thanks for asking the follow-up question :slight_smile:


You can remove a user from an organization without them losing access via their username/password. Are you planning on removing them from the org?

You mean removing them from the orgs before we do downgrade the plan?

I was not planning to do that but if I need to do it before we change the plan than we can do it. Why do you ask? Do we need to do this for the users to not loose access via their username/password?

Yes, remove the users from their Organizations.

Users shouldn’t lose access to their username and password, but you may receive alerts that you are using an enterprise feature. Most of the time, subscription discrepencies aren’t going to immediately block logins or anything like that.

I can’t find a specific example of a customer doing this, and I wanted to gather as much information as possible on the plan to downgrade and remove the feature from your flow.

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Super helpful already. Tahnks @dan.woda!

Especially the knowledge that users won’t loose access when we downgrade even if we accidentally still have an enterprise feature active.

Is there anything else you can think of that we would need to do other than unassigning users from organizations?

No problem! Happy to help.

If you are downgrading to a free plan, you could run into an issue with custom domains, but that would only be with a totally free plan.

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