Does Auth0 accept AMEX?


Our company is currently on developer plan where we usually do our payment using VISA card. I’m just wondering if Auth0 accept AMEX as a method of payment since we want to change our payment card if Auth0 support it.

Andre Hermanto

Hey there Andre!

Let me check it out for you!

Hi, I’m just following up on this thread if you are still looking for the answer.

Hey there!

I’m still waiting for the response from the team as there’s nothing about that in our docs and I needed to reach out to appropriate team.

Hi Konrad,

I hope you are doing well. I’m just wondering if someone has come back to you regarding the AMEX payment option.


Unfortunately not yet. We had a company holiday last week so that could have been the reason. Let me ping them once again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Have you tried putting in your AMEX card details here? Is it rejecting it or saving successfully?<YOUR_TENANT_NAME>/tenant/billing/subscription

I haven’t put AMEX card yet, because its a company credit card. We’re looking to confirm whether Auth0 allowed AMEX first.

I will try to ask for the credit card and try it on our Auth0.

I just got the confirmation that we do accept AMEX.

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