Discord Connection Prompts for Consent Every Login


When using the Discord social connection, the user is prompted for their consent on permissions the application is requesting every time they authenticate with Discord.


The upstream_params object is missing from the Discord connection’s options, which applies a “prompt=none” parameter to the authorize call Auth0 makes.


The upstream_params object can be added to the Discord connection’s options to apply a “prompt=none” parameter to the authorize call Auth0 makes.

While the consent prompt may still be shown, it no longer requires user input and will automatically redirect back to the application after a short wait.

"options": {
		"scope": "identify email",
		"scripts": {
			"fetchUserProfile": "function fetchUserProfile(accessToken, context, callback) {\n  request.get({\n    url: 'https://discordapp.com/api/users/@me',\n    headers: {\n      'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + accessToken\n    }\n  },\n  (err, resp, body) => {\n    if (err) {\n      return callback(err);\n    }\n\n    if (resp.statusCode !== 200) {\n      return callback(new Error(`[Response code: ${resp.statusCode}] ${body}`));\n    }\n\n    let bodyParsed;\n    try {\n      bodyParsed = JSON.parse(body);\n    } catch (jsonError) {\n      return callback(new Error(body));\n    }\n\n    \n    const profile = {\n      user_id: bodyParsed.id,\n      nickname: bodyParsed.username,\n      name: bodyParsed.username,\n    };\n\n    if (bodyParsed.email) {\n      profile.email = bodyParsed.email;\n      profile.email_verified = bodyParsed.verified;\n    }\n\n    \n    if (bodyParsed.avatar) {\n      profile.picture = `https://cdn.discordapp.com/avatars/${bodyParsed.id}/${bodyParsed.avatar}.png`;\n    }\n\n    return callback(null, profile);\n  });\n}"
		"icon_url": "https://cdn.auth0.com/marketplace/catalog/content/assets/creators/discord/discord-avatar.png"",
		"tokenURL": "https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/token"",
		"client_id": "YOUR_DISOCRD_CLIENT_ID",
		"client_secret": "YOUR_DISCORD_CLIENT_SECRET",
		"upstream_params": {
			"prompt": {
				"value": "none"
		"authorizationURL": "https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize"",
		"integration_name": "discord"

This upstream_params object can be used to pass any other parameters that may be required to the upstream IdP (Discord in this case).

Please note that when PATCHing a connection, the entire “options” object needs to be sent, as it will overwrite the existing object.