Disable Password reset for blocked users using Universal Login

Hello, we use the Universal login and we have scenarios where users are blocked under certain conditions.

We’ve observed that despite being blocked, users can still request a password change. While they remain unable to log in, this situation compromises the overall user experience. Ideally, we would prefer to prevent them from resetting their password if they are blocked.

Is there a method to achieve this using the new Universal login?


Hi @manumore,

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Unfortunately, conditionally disabling the password reset for blocked users is not possible. The password reset option is an all-or-nothing setting, meaning that it’s either enabled for all users or no users.

Additionally, the password reset option acts as an alternative method for users to unblock themselves if they missed the unblock email, which is by design and unpreventable.

If you prefer, you could submit a feedback request detailing your use case. We regularly review these submissions and often choose to implement the ones with the highest votes.

I hope this helps!


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