Disable Auto Login Right After Logout

In our apps, when we try to login right after logging out, Auth0 reminds ID, Password, or Google Account to login and never ask them.
We would like to disable this auto login setting and ask to input ID, Password, or select Google Account every time we try to login.

I wonder this setting could be managed by changing the inactivity timeout near to 0 sec, however the inactivity timeout can’t be set less than 1 min in dashboard.

How can we realize this setting?


Hi @jbr.system.team

This page should help:

Make sure you call Auth0’s logout endpoint when logging out:

Google manages their own session, of course, and you probably do not want to mess with that. If you do, there’s a parameter that you can add to /v2/logout that might work (but might not, some IDPs ignore it).


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