Single user being logged out automatically immediately after login

We have hundreds of people using our app without any issue, but there is one user who can’t seem to be able to stay logged in.

  • He enter his user/pass
  • I see in the Auth0 logs that he his successfully authenticated
  • Our UI get rendered in his browser
  • But after five seconds in, he gets kicked out back to the login screen
  • I see in the Auth0 logs that he “successfully logged out”
  • But he clearly didn’t click our “logout” button

Has anyone experienced something like that before? Again, it’s only one user, it never worked for him. I tried his account on my own computer without issue. He’s using Firefox 55 on Windows if that matters. Could it be a security setting where he is rejected cookies or something like that? Any pointers?


Hey there!

Can you share more context regarding your implementation, to be more specific what stack of Auth0 you use as well as send me this user ID via private message?

Followed-up in the private message. Let’s keep our conversation there until we handle the issue and share the solution here in the public thread.

Ping ping friendly ping :slight_smile:

Closing this one as we weren’t able to investigate any further.