Disable auto login and redirect when signing up

I’m using the new universal login, and I want to wait for a user to validate their email before signing into the application.

I’m currently using https://auth0.com/rules/email-verified, but this still redirects a user after login, which as the application does not support users with non-validated emails, leaves them with a janky experience. Ideally, I should be able to show a message after sign-up saying please check your email…

On top of this, it would be nice to know if I could create custom error messages on a callback. Currently, I can do: callback(“error description”) callback(New Error(“error description”)) or callback(New UnauthorisedError(“error description”)), but none of these let me change the error subject/title (the bit that is passed in the query parameter as ?error=).

Hi @lyndon.fawcett,

You can use a redirect rule to hold the user while you wait for email verification.

I’ll pass the error feedback on to the product team.

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