Disable all but one connection when creating a new application

Giving customers the ability to use auth0 within our SaaS for their customers so I’m creating new applications and databases via the API.

One of the challenges I’m running into is creating a application. The new application has all the connections enabled under the connections tab here:


It seems like the only way to disable all those connections is by hitting

PATCH	/api/v2/connections/{id} 
"enabled_clients": [

Is there a way to set connections via an application that I’m overlooking? :crossed_fingers: Something like:

$this->management->clients()->update($client_id, [
     'enabled_connections' => [],


Hi @gjreasoner,

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If you go to your Tenant Settings > Advanced, you can toggle off all connections on new applications.

Then, new apps will have no connections enabled until you configure them. Will that solve this for you?

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Exactly what I needed, thank you Dan!

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No problem! Glad we found a solution!

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