Application Connections

When creating an application, all connections seems to be active.
when In the connection settings I didn’t activate any applications.

can someone elaborate on whats going on there?

Hey @danielr

It’s default behaviour:

" By default, Auth0 enables all connections associated with your tenant when you create a new application. To change this, update application connections in the Application Settings in the Dashboard."

Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply,

Can we disable this default behaviour?
I’ts a security issue allowing unwanted connection to pass to an app.
how can we disable it? whats the best practice here?

Hey @danielr,

You should be able to turn off this behaviour in your tenant settings: “Advanced” > “Settings” and toggling the Enable Application Connections option.

This should stop all connections being enabled for new applications, however you will then need to use the

PATCH /api/v2/connections/{id}

endpoint in the Management API to add the application to the appropriate connection

Hope this helps

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That was exactly what we were looking for

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Thanks @andyck for helping on this one!

I believe this feature should be better document,
It could be a major security issue by default.

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Will report that to our docs team!

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