How to Create an Client with a Single Connection

I can create a new Client using the Management API, but by default it gets all of the connections enabled. I would like to be able to create a Client and only enable a single Connection for it.

curl -X “POST” “https://domain/api/v2/clients” is what I use to create the Client.

I know we can use this one:
curl -X “PATCH” “https://domain/api/v2/connections/con_id-goes-here” to specify which Client can use the connection, but I would need to specify ALL of the Clients every time a new client gets created. If by mistake I only set one, all of the other Clients suddenly don’t have access to this Connection.

I’m pretty sure there is a much better way to achieve this, I just can’t find it :disappointed:

One approach is to disable the “Enable Application Connections” in the advanced tenant settings. This will change the default behavior.


Great! I see this now :slightly_smiling_face: and how to I enable a Connection for a specific Client?
I mean I could PATCH the Connection but I need the full list of Client IDs, which feels a bit too much to do at every new Client creation.

At the moment there is no better way, but I think this is an area where we can improve. Can you put your feedback here:



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Thanks John, I filled it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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