Different login UI for app and web


I’m developing iOS, android app and nodejs web. Auth0 Lock works fine. But I need to customize UI. I customized hosted page and it works. Now questions are:

  1. I need different UI for app and web. How to make it?
  2. I created “Test 1” application in Auth0 dashboard. I’m using it for app and web. Should I create 3 applications for iOS, Android and web? or it is fine?


Hello there @tulga, I apologize for the delay in response.

I understand that this question was asked some time ago but I do want to help provide assistance if you need it on this posed challenge. When you mention you need a different UI for your app and website, would the new Universal login experience help bridge that gap?

If the API is satisfying the technical needs of the applications, I would say stay the course and not generate more than you need. However if you are running into specific edge cases per platform, it may be time to investigate that next step.

Due to the age of this topic I will keep the post open for 10 days unless I hear otherwise from you. Thank you.

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