Creating custom login based on application

Hello Team,

Can we create a different (theme and some design changes) for auth0 login for each application?
If yes pls suggest to us how to achieve it.

Hi @mail4mithu,

I understand that you have a question regarding custom Login pages based on Applications.

Yes, it is possible to render a different Universal Login Page based on the application. To do so, I recommend modifying your Universal Login Page to conditionally render the Universal Login Page based on the clientId.

Here is a small snippet to get you started.

if(config.clientID === "{CLIENT_ID_GOES_HERE}") {
  var lock = new Auth0Lock(...)
  var lock = new Auth0Lock(...)

Additionally, you may find this related Community Topic relevant: Passwordless and Universal Login at the same time

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to clarify.

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