Difference between Signups and Users

We have an web application which integrates with Auth0. During a spike in traffic there were some issues with scaling within our application and it’s possible that some users were not able to sign up. However, 7-day signups are considerably higher (6,000) than total users. How is this possible? What constitutes a sign-up and how does that differ from a user?

The Users count shown in the dashboard reflects the users that currently exists in the tenant. The other two statistics (Logins and New Signups) represent the total number of log events associated with the respective action.

The above means that one way to have more signups than actual users is to delete existent users; if the deleted user was created in the last seven days it would still count for that statistics while not counting for the total count of currently existing users.

Thanks @jmangelo. But there hasn’t been any user deletions - can a signup be interrupted so the end user doesn’t become a full user in Auth0?

A signup associated with a database connection can be prevented by having a pre-registration hook (https://auth0.com/docs/hooks/extensibility-points/pre-user-registration). However, to my knowledge, although I never tested it, the expectation is that this would completely prevent the signup so no log event would be created. In addition, if you have a custom database then there may some edge case scenario where due to how the custom scripts are implemented a signup is performed, but no end-user is created, however, this part is mostly speculation and would possibly imply some issue in the custom scripts themselves.

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