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Device confirmation customize

I have search over the document and need an answer to confirm.
We are using device authorization flow, and we need to customize the device confirmation page, see the attach file

We know that we could customize the code format, the logo, the theme color. BUT, CAN WE DO MORE CUSTOMIZATION.
We want to make sure our UI/UX design are in the same patter. The worst case, at least we have the option to change description or in other language.
please provide instructions or other documents.

Thank you!

Hi there @hancort.chu, I will look into this and get back to you. Thanks!

Hey @James.Morrison,

would you mind sharing your findings we me, since I would also like to know more about customizing the device confirmation form.

The only hint I have found is this side:


Thanks @marc.eilhard, this is a great workaround,
at least we could change text now, but still only one default language.

Since @James.Morrison didn’t provide other solutions, may I ask how did you let browser know which language is using. Did you use prompt setting for multi-language?

Thanks for sharing!!