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Developing and Securing GraphQL APIs with Laravel

Learn how to develop GraphQL APIs with Laravel and how to secure them with Auth0.

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If I try to do ‘php artisan migrate:fresh --seed’ on my terminal, I get following exceptions.

Dropped all tables successfully.
Migration table created successfully.
Migrating: 2014_10_12_000000_create_users_table
Migrated: 2014_10_12_000000_create_users_table (0.02 seconds)
Migrating: 2014_10_12_100000_create_password_resets_table
Migrated: 2014_10_12_100000_create_password_resets_table (0.02 seconds)
Migrating: 2019_03_10_201800_create_wines_table
Migrated: 2019_03_10_201800_create_wines_table (0.01 seconds)
Migrating: 2019_08_19_000000_create_failed_jobs_table
Migrated: 2019_08_19_000000_create_failed_jobs_table (0.01 seconds)

Illuminate\Contracts\Container\BindingResolutionException : Target class [WinesTableSeeder] does not exist.

at /Users/hisashiyamaguchi/winestore/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php:805
802| try {
803| $reflector = new ReflectionClass($concrete);
804| } catch (ReflectionException $e) {

805| throw new BindingResolutionException(“Target class [$concrete] does not exist.”, 0, $e);
806| }
808| // If the type is not instantiable, the developer is attempting to resolve
809| // an abstract type such as an Interface or Abstract Class and there is

Exception trace:

1 ReflectionException::(“Class WinesTableSeeder does not exist”)

2 ReflectionClass::__construct(“WinesTableSeeder”)

Please use the argument -v to see more details.

Any ideas?

Hey there @hisashiyamaguchi!

I’m sure @andrea.chiarelli who is the article author will look at your struggles to provide some help, once he’s online!

Hi @hisashiyamaguchi,
Just a few questions that come to my mind:

  • have you created the WinesTableSeeder class in the database/seeds folder? (I think the answer is yes, but I ask just to be sure :slight_smile:)
  • Do you have the same error also with the code downloaded from the Github repository?
  • Which version of Laravel are you using?

Please, let me know.