Auth driver [auth0] for guard [auth0] is not defined help plz

I’m trying to get the basic Laravel/Auth0 integration app running locally using the quick start. I have done all the following according to the sample steps:

You are downloading a working sample configured for the application Lavel Demo

To run the sample follow these steps:

  1. Set the Allowed Callback URLs in the Application Settings to:
  1. Set the Allowed Logout URLs in the Application Settings to:
  1. Make sure PHP and Composer are installed and execute the following commands in the sample’s directory:
composer install
php artisan migrate
php artisan key:generate
php artisan serve --port=3000

I immediately get the error:

Auth driver [auth0] for guard [auth0] is not defined.

All settings appear to be set in the .env file.

My versions:

PHP 8.0.28
Composer 2.5.5
Laravel 9.52.5

M1 MacBook Pro

Is anyone else running into a similar issue that can point me in the correct direction with Laravel/Auth0 integration?

Thank you!


I bumped into the same issues and had a look at the repository. Follow the readme there and make sure you’re using the 7.6 version (released 10 hours ago as of writing this).

Worked for me!