Auth driver [auth0] for guard [auth0] is not defined

When we attempt to integrate Auth0 with our Swoole/Laravel application we get an error:

Auth driver [auth0] for guard [auth0] is not defined.

Thrown from Illuminate/Auth/AuthManager.php:97

laravel/framework 8.83
auth0/auth0-php 8.1.0
auth0/login 7.0.0
swooletw/laravel-swoole 2.12.1
lcobucci/jwt 3.4.6

We have resetters in swoole_http – but the errors occure even when we comment out all of the resetters. And we have tried adding Auth0/Laravel/ServiceProvider::class in several config locations:

Do we have some kind of conflict in our dependencies?
Does anyone have experience resolving this issue?

I think the issue may have been caused by disk space issues on the container preventing artisan vendor:publish from working. seems to be resolved.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!