Auth/SessionGaurd error while attempting a user to login with Auth0

I am working with Auht0 authentication in laravel 5.3 to authenticate from auth0 database and log in the user into laravel on the base of auth0 authentication response but I am facing some errors while login the user in laravel.

I successfully authenticate the user from Auth0 but when I try to log in the user by getting the info from database table as an object and pass it to auth0 then it gives me following errors.

Type error: Argument 1 passed to Illuminate\Auth\SessionGuard::login() must be an instance of Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\Authenticatable, instance of Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse given

I have updated the provider to auth0 in the auth.php config file and we just have two defaults guards of Web and API of laravel and I did not create any new guard for this.

I don’t have User Model which we extend from Authenticateable and it might be due to this issue, does anyone know how can I log in that user without Authenticateable issue of laravel like we just get information from database and login that user by setting a custom session token of auth0 instead of laravel.

I shall be very thankful for your help.