Auth0 integration error with Laravel 5.3

I am trying to configure Auth0 on the laravel 5.3 but it is giving me some errors with laravel 5.3.
I am facing this below error on laravel 5.3.
Type error: Argument 3 passed to Auth0\Login\Auth0Service::__construct() must be an instance of Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface or null, instance of Illuminate\Cache\Repository given

I have tried some solutions but it could not be fixed.
Can anyone help me how to fix this issue or how can we integrate this Auth0 with laravel 5.3 application.

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Laravel 5.3 is an older version. Our current sdk for laravel uses version 6. I would recommend updating if possible and using our sdk:


Our site is live and we cannot update laravel version at this time, therefore we have to integrate this Auth0 with current version.

That’s definitely understandable. How are you trying to integrate Auth0? It would be helpful if you could provide some steps so I could reproduce this issue.

For this package (Illuminate\Cache\Repository) to work correctly, you may need to use a newer version of laravel. Have you tried setting the cache_store setting to null?

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your reply, I have fixed all issues and configured Auth 5.0 with the laravel 5.3 version and login, signup the user by using your Auth0 login page but now i wanted to use my own login page to authenticate from Auth0 and sign up the user by using API for all new users of our site. So, can you please guide me more that how can i sign up and login the users by using our website login/signup page and how can we authenticate the user from our laravel website?

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If the requirements of your app cannot be met by the standardized behavior of Lock , or if you have a complex custom authentication process, a custom user interface is needed. You also might prefer this option if you already have a user interface which you would prefer to keep.

With Auth0’s library for Web, you can customize the behavior and flow of the process used to trigger signup and authentication. You can also directly use the Authentication API, without any wrapper at all, if you so choose.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for your response, I have tried both lock.js and auth.js libraries in laravel 5.3 but login does not work with both libraries from localhost, both libraries work fine to register user but after register it does not login the user auto and give 403 “access_denied”. It also give the same error if we only try to login the user.

anyone here to reply?

Sorry for the delay. Could you provide your tenant in a dm or some logs around this?

My first thoughts is you might have a rule running that’s causing this issue. If you have been experimenting with that rule, then please ensure that you either update it to only impact the specific connections/users you want to restrict or simply disable it if you don’t need it anymore.

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