Announcing Laravel SDK v7 General Availability

Laravel SDK v7 General Availability

Our SDKs team is proud to announce the new major version of our Laravel SDK has reached General Availability, and is now considered ready for production! Version 7 includes an assortment of improvements, including Laravel 9 and Laravel Octane support and a dramatically simpler integration scheme — developers can now get up and running with Auth0 in their Laravel projects in less than 10 lines of code! Here’s the highlights of this release:

  • Laravel 9 and Octane support
  • Support for modern PHP native language features
  • Dramatically faster boot times and easier integrations
  • New authentication route controllers for plug-and-play login support
  • Improved authentication middleware for regular web applications
  • New authorization middleware for token-based backend API applications
  • A reimagined UserProvider experience for robust custom user models in more complex Laravel applications

Check out the release from our GitHub repo, and give the updated quickstarts a try!