Delete user with space in ID

I’ve created a user with the management API (java auth0 framework) with a fixed ID. This id however had a space in it, and now it is impossible to delete this user.
If I try this, I keep getting a 500: Internal Server Error. Is there any way to delete this user?
Shouldn’t this be prevented in any way if this breaks the system?

I’ve been able to reproduce this problem. I’ve discussed this with our engineering team who have confirmed it’s a bug. We’re tracking it internally but have no ETA for a fix just yet.

Because the dashboard uses the same API to delete the user, as far as I can tell there’s no temporary workaround available.

Thanks for the reply, fortunately we noticed this early on in development and were able to completely remove the users DB, and recreate it. Good to know we have to actually take care not to have any spaced in the id.