Delete User by ID with API is not deleting user

I have integrated auth0 in my rails application. Signup & Signin working fine with auth0. But I cannot delete user from auth0 by user_id.
FYI: access_token, user_id all these details are correct.

  1. Getting 400 Bad Request error when using below details in delete api
    method: DELETE
    userid: 7das1k5n54b56t6c126b9rh4
    headers: Content-Type => application/json, Authorization => Bearer access_token

  2. Getting bad URI error when using below details
    method: DELETE
    userid: auth0|7das1k5n54b56t6c126b9rh4
    headers: Content-Type => application/json, Authorization => Bearer access_token

Please help asap.

Hey there!

Can you share with us the code snippet that you use to delete the user? Thank you a lot!

Here is the code:

          token_params = {"grant_type" => ENV["GRANT_TYPE"],"client_id" => ENV['CLIENT_ID'],"client_secret" => ENV['CLIENT_SECRET'], "audience" => ENV["AUDIENCE"]}

          token_response = RestClient::Request.execute(method: :post, url: ENV["DOMAIN_NAME"]+"/oauth/token", payload: token_params, headers: {"Content-Type" => "application/json"} )

          all_token_response_values = JSON.parse(token_response)

          access_token = all_token_response_values["access_token"]

          token_type = all_token_response_values["token_type"]

          @user = User.find(params[:id])

          get_user_response = RestClient::Request.execute(method: :get, url: ENV["DOMAIN_NAME"]+"/api/v2/users-by-email?email=#{}", headers: {"Content-Type" => "application/json", "Authorization" => token_type+" "+access_token})

          @user_parse = JSON.parse(get_user_response)
          @auth0_user_id = @user_parse[0]['identities'][0]['user_id']

          url = ENV["DOMAIN_NAME"]+"/api/v2/users/#{@auth0_user_id}"

          delete_user_response = RestClient::Request.execute(method: :DELETE, url: url, headers: {"Content-Type" => "application/json", "Authorization" => token_type+" "+access_token})

          @deleted_user = JSON.parse(delete_user_response)


I am also getting same issue while updating user details by update API.

I found solution for this issue.
User ID must be include auth0. So it looks like “userid: auth0|7das1k5n54b56t6c126b9rh4”.

And url should be wrapped with URI::escape().
So it look like URI::escape(

Auth0 don’t mention this in document.

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Perfect! Glad you have figured it out! I will relay that info to our docs team.

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