Delay after email verification


After clicking the link in the verification email, Auth0 returns to my custom callback method. In this method, I’m retrieving the user who was just verified through the management API. The problem is that the EmailVerified property of the Auth0 user object is still set to False. Is there some kind of delay in the management API because when I set a breakpoint before retrieving the Auth0 user, the EmailVerified property is set to True…

From the code you have shown it seems you’re performing a user search operation through an endpoint that only provided eventually consistent results (Search for Users).

Eventually consistent : The search results may not reflect the results of a recently-completed write operation. However, if you repeat your request after a short period of time, the response will return up-to-date data.

You should consider using one of the other endpoints mentioned in the above link and, in particular, one that provides immediately consistent results. For an email based search it would likely be (Retrieve Users with Get Users by Email Endpoint), but have in mind that this endpoint is case sensitive.

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