Delay in user creation

User cannot be found after creation.

We use management api with javascript SDK to create new users.
We have an registration flow that creates new user and after email verification user can continue to next step in registration process.
New user is always successfully created and auth0|id is returned. Auth0 successfully sends customized confirmation mail and user returns to our service to continue registration process. (Our service does the verification manually from management api when user returns)

Sometimes it works like a charm, but sometimes there is very odd delay after user creation.
User is successfully created but auth0 dashboard doesn’t show the new signup or api does not find just created user. Some day it took ~15 minutes and today it took ~1 hour before the user shows up and api was able to find it.
Is there somekind of indexing problem in Auth0 that causing this delay?

Some user search API’s only provide an eventually consistent response which would mean a few minutes delay to be something that could possibly happen sporadically; see (Search for Users) for the search options and to know which ones provide an eventually consistent response. The one hour delay is more unexpected and although possible it generally tends to happen only under temporary load conditions or issues, these are generally reported in the status page although I’m not aware of any incident related to indexing delays recently.

You should also not depend on eventually consistent API’s for operational actions that directly affect the end-user. For example, if you create the user through the API then you should keep their identifier and next calls should use the get by identifier endpoint instead of searching.

The dashboard does indeed depend on user search so the delay there may be unavoidable, however, this would not affect the end-user.