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Disable Management API cache




I have an Angular SPA, which create / list users using Management API.

My problem is when i create a new user, it takes some minutes to appear in the list of users i get from the Management API. It looks like there is some kind of cache on Auth0 side.

Is there a way to fix this ?

Thanks in advance,


No and this is not related to cache; based on your descriptions you’re likely using user search functionality that is eventually consistent ( which would mean that the delay in surfacing recent changes is expected. You should check the full contents of the linked documentation to understand the various options available regarding user search and their associated characteristics.


Yes, i’m using the user search feature of the Management API.
I have read the doc many times, there is nothing talking about a delay.

Something i do not understand, sometimes it takes a few seconds to a new user to appear in the user search, and sometimes it’s about 3-5 minutes.


From the documentation:

Eventually consistent: When you request information about a user (or a group of users), the response might not reflect the results of a recently-complete write operation. However, if you repeat your request after a short period of time, the response will return up-to-date data.

Have in mind that the short period of time mentioned is under normal circumstances; peaks in system usage may result in increased delays and longer ones can also happen if there’s something abnormal happening, however, these longer delays would be reported through the status page.

The important part is that the results are not immediately consistent and your application should take that under consideration. If you just created a user you will have its user identifier so in general there should be no need to immediately search for that user given you can obtain its information by user identifier.