Default login route on native mobile apps


We are using Auth0 universal login in an iOS and Android app. We recently received an email from Auth0 in regards to the reduction of maximum expiration time for login transactions. In it, it gives this recommendation:

We highly recommend you configure default login routes for your applications in Auth0 Dashboard or via the Auth0 Management API. This method automatically starts login transactions and results in the best user experience as the login flow seamlessly restarts for active end users when the transaction is expired.


We find this recommendation, and the documentation we were able to unearth, to be a bit unclear as it pertains to native mobile apps. It is obvious what the ideal experience is from a web app’s perspective, however, from an android or iOs app’s perspective, what is the ideal experience?

Thanks for any help!

What I have tried

I believe the expected behavior is a deeplink into the app. To test it on our Android app, I set up the default login URL, and reset my password. Upon clicking the button to go back to my app, I was redirected to an Auth0 error page. If I copy the URL of the error page, and paste it into a messaging app, and then click it, I am then offered the option to open my app. This may be an Android issue that I need to resolve, rather than an Auth0 one.

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