Setting Application Login URI for Mobile Apps

Problem statement

We are seeing some users get stuck in a state where they are unable to login to their iOS app, and they keep seeing the “Oops Something went wrong…” error message.


The Application Login URI is often used to mitigate the issue of “Oops Something Went Wrong” error page caused by bookmarked login page, cookie missing, and etc. The intent is to set it to a destination in your app that would restart the login flow from the /authorize endpoint and this typically will allow users who are stuck in this state to login again.

However, currently the Application Login URI accepts URLs with https scheme only, which makes it unable to be used by native apps, which requires a mobile app style URL (e.g.[]( to let the app restart the authorize request.


The workaround we recommend is to set the Application Login URI to an https page, which in turn issues a redirect to the native application via the custom scheme. This URL would be a new Intent-Filter (Android) or Universal-Link (iOS) and the you would need to handle the invocation on your own (e.g. launching Universal Login Page). This intermediate https page would need to be hosted by you.

To set an Application Login URI at the application level:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and the to the Application page.
  2. In Application Settings, scroll down to the Application URIs section.
  3. Enter the URL in the the Application Login URI field.


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