Database connection configurations is reset when pushing updates through Bitbucket

Everytime I push new code to my Bitbucket repository to update my database connection custom scripts, the Bitbucket extension on my Auth0 account replaces the old code by the new one, but also resets all the database connection settings.

So, everytime new code is submited, I have to recofigure the Import Users to Auth0 setting, the Password Policy settings, the applications connected to the database, etc.

The only two files I provide are “login.js” and “get_user.js”. What am I doing wrong here?

Hey there @eduardokdavila, when you get a chance can you DM me your tenant name so I can take a deeper look at what may be occurring? Thanks in advance!

I wanted to follow up with you @eduardokdavila to see how everything is going? Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Thank you.

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