Cannot update user username in custom database connection

I have a custom database connection set up with “import users to auth0” disabled and usernames enabled.

When attempting to update the username for a user through the api I get the error: “change_username script does not exist”

This appears to be an undocumented db action script.

I just want to change a users username. What’s the workflow? I can’t update my db because the code relies on auth0 having the correct username set. I can’t update auth0 because it relies on an undocumented change_username script. so… ?

I have import users to auth0 disabled. Is there some way just to force that record in auth0 to update and bypass the db script?

Just shooting in the dark… are you able to change the username in the Auth0 profile via the /api/v2/users/{id} endpoint? I’m not sure how that interacts with custom DB scripts, if at all.

nope, unfortunately not. i tried with the api management thingy. it seems if there is a db connection script it’ll get hit no matter what the origin of the request is.

Hi Cory,

Apologies for the delay… was away on vacation!

I just tried changing a username via the Delegated Admin dashboard for a custom DB connected user in my dev environment and it worked. I would suggest opening a ticket with Auth0. I’ve never heard of a change_username script before.

Is tenant you are using in Auth0’s preview environment or their production environment?