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Bitbucket extension: get_user script not allowed



I can’t deploy my custom database connection scripts from bitbucket because the get_user.js script is not allowed, however it is editable and testable from the dashboard.

What did I miss ?

2017-04-24T09:36:37.260Z - Import User to Auth0 enabled: false. Allowed scripts: 
2017-04-24T09:36:37.261Z - Error: The get_user script is not allowed for custom-db.
2017-04-24T09:36:37.262Z - StackTrace: ValidationError: The get_user script is not allowed for custom-db.
    at /data/auth0-bitbucket-deploy-2.1.js:1:10371
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at i (/data/auth0-bitbucket-deploy-2.1.js:1:10327)
    at (/data/auth0-bitbucket-deploy-2.1.js:1:10838)
    at tryCatcher (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/util.js:24:31)
    at MappingPromiseArray._promiseFulfilled (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/map.js:54:38)
    at MappingPromiseArray.init (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/promise_array.js:92:18)
    at MappingPromiseArray.init (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/map.js:27:23)
    at bound (domain.js:287:14)
    at MappingPromiseArray.runBound (domain.js:300:12)
    at Async._drainQueue (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/async.js:182:12)
    at Async._drainQueues (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/async.js:187:10)
    at Immediate.Async.drainQueues [as _onImmediate] (/data/_verquire/mongoose/4.1.6/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/async.js:15:14)
    at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:383:17)


The missing get_user script was added to the shared library being used by the source control related extension as part of this pull request (

Then there was pull request specific to the Bitbucket extension that updated the shared library in question (see

This means that the above should no longer be an issue in the latest released version (at this time 2.2) of the Bitbucket extension. If you are still experiencing the issue please make sure to update to the latest version.