Dashboard Users Never Loads - 500 Interal Server Error

The Users page on the Dashboard never loads anything into the page and I’m stuck with a blank white section in the Dashboard. In the network panel of the console I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error from this URI https://manage.auth0.com/api/users?connection=&q=&sort=lastLogin%3A-1&client=&fields=user_id%2Cname%2Cemail%2Cidentities%2Cpicture%2ClastLogin%2CloginsCount%2Cuser_metadata%2Capp_metadata&per_page=50&page=0&include_totals=true&_=1505483352235

![alt text][1]

Might be a consequence of the cluster / search Auth0 was having at beginning of the month? Indexing delays on Search API for Free accounts • Auth0 Status Page